In an ever changing tech world, sometimes keeping up with everything can be a confounding task. The good news is that Tabitop has got you covered.

According to Forbes, cloud technology is growing so fast that by 2019 it is predicted to quadruple in usage. More and more companies are moving their IT centers and databases to cloud based tech.

“Cloud traffic is expected to account for 83% of total¬†data center traffic by 2019. Cloud traffic is a subset of data center traffic and is generated by cloud services accessible through the Internet from scalable, virtualized cloud data centers.”

With Tabitop your documents are stored safely and securely from the convenience of the cloud. This saves you money on IT costs and allows you to access your files from virtually anywhere.

Tabitop offers the high-powered processing capability of a Windows PC on your iPad. You can combine your Mac and PC worlds and have everything you need, right at your fingertips.