We’ve all heard the conversation, the one where a Mac enthusiast and a PC fanboy are arguing about which operating system is better. It’s a bickering brawl that has been going on for years. Now there is way to have both in one single device. Now there is Tabitop.

Here are 10 reasons why Tabitop is the best thing ever:

1. You Can Streamline All Of Your Devices Into One Amazing Super Device

With Tabitop, you can have the best of both world in the palm of your hand. You can choose from four popular configurations that allow you to run Windows® on your iPad and any Windows®-based software. Now you can stop lugging around multiple devices and be truly ambidextrous.

2.  Get The Power Of A New Full-Featured Windows Laptop for iOS.

The Tabitop app opens up a fully featured Windows® 7 or Windows® 8 laptop and gives you the full Windows® experience right on your iPad. You can run Windows®-based software, store documents, use spreadsheets and work just like you would on any store-purchased Windows laptop.

3.  Access Your Computer Without Being Tied To Your Desktop

Everyone wants the power of a desktop PC in the palm of their hand and now you can have it for yourself. If your boss wants a document while you’re on vacation, there is no need to search the hotel lobby for a desktop computer and terrible landline internet access. Who wants to waste hours of their vacation when they can log on to Tabitop right on their iPad?

4.  Doesn’t Use Up Any Of Your Hard Drive

You can power full-featured programs right on your iPad because Tabitop doesn’t use up any of your hard drive space. It runs from the power of the cloud and the sky is the limit.

5.  It’s Always Updated

Tabitop runs in the cloud, so its Windows® operating system and all user-licensed software is always updated, allowing you to access the latest software for all your Windows®-based projects. Finally, you can use your iPad as the one device to rule them all. Tabitop lets you enjoy full ambidexterity by combining the best of iOS® and the best of Microsoft Windows®.

6.  It Runs In The Cloud

Tabitop instantly builds, configures and launches your own personal Windows®-based PC all in the cloud. The Windows® operating system and all the Windows®-based software you need is licenseable right from the browser in your new laptop, all within the Tabitop app. You get all the computing power of the cloud without taking up unnecessary space on your iPad.

7.  Store Your Files & Documents Safely, Saving On IT Costs

Your files won’t take up any storage space on your device because everything is stored in the convenience of the cloud. It’s safe, secure, and will save you on company IT costs.

8.  Access Your Documents From Anywhere, Anytime Your Want

Because your documents are being stored in the cloud, you can log on and have access to any of them from virtually anywhere in the world, whenever you’d like.

9.  Cancel Anytime

Your iPad will include a fully functional laptop and will run Windows® and any Windows® software you choose. Use it for work, school, and cancel anytime.

10.  It’s FREE.

That’s right, with the 30-day free trial, you can use Windows on your iPad for absolutely free. Download the Tabitop app from the iTunes App Store for a 30-day free trial, and configure a new cloud-based Windows® 7 or 8 laptop for your iPad.