Your iPad transformed into a virtual Windows PC


create an Account

Step 1: Create a Tabitop Account for FREE and choose from a wide variety of Subscription Options.


use your iPad

Step 2: Download and Install Tabitop on your iPad from the iTunes Store.


add your iPhone

Step 3: Add TabiMouse companion App to use your iPhone as a Bluetooth Mouse with your iPad.

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iconNow, use your iPad as a Microsoft Windows PC!

Exclusively for iPad, Tabitop literally transforms your tablet into a fully-functional Windows PC, complete with Windows apps, programs, and desktop experience.

  • Runs as an app, install Windows virtually on your iPad in minutes
  • Choose from a variety of Windows 7 and Windows 8 Subscriptions
  • Leverages the computing power of the Cloud, saving your iPad’s local memory and resources

Get Windows on your iPad Today!

  • Starting at just $3.99/mo
  • In-app Purchases Available
  • Create your PC in minutes!
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